XF Radial Piston Motor

Compact cam type radial piston motor

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The XF cam motor is of radial piston configuration and is available as a common torque unit or with the option of shaft or wheel motor housings.

The XF uses pintle technology to eliminate the need for axial bearing thrust support and provide a high start output torque, helping to reduce mechanical losses.

Designed to operate up to 420bar peak pressure, the XF is a low maintenance cam motor with all bearings in the shaft and wheel motor housings, provided sealed and lubricated as standard.

The small envelope provides a high power to weight ratio with minimum overall dimensions.

  • 325 bar continous pressure, 420 peak pressure
  • Fixed displacements, from 150 to 1120 cc/rev
  • Compact design with three output styles
  • True (zero) displacement (freewheeling) capability
  • Radial or axial port options
  • High reliability
  • Compact sizes

Rotary Power XF Technical information

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