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Danfoss Power Solutions (until 2013 Sauer Danfoss) is a manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic components aimed mainly at mobile machinery. A global company, which has existing designing, manufacturing and sales capabilities on all continents.

The wide range of products of Danfoss Power Solutions covers the needs of machinery from the highest power levels to the smallest ones, with components ranging from the break-through, high-end ones to the cost-effective solutions fitting for large volume serial production.

During the many years of Danfoss Power Solutions' legacy (which can be tracked back to 1961 on the line of Danfoss Fluid Power), the company went through many steps of changes and acquired several smaller and larger companies to extend its global capabilities and widen its product portfolio. Through these steps Danfoss Power Solutions has grown into one of the most important and well-respected companies in the business segment.

The general philosophy of the company always helped the long lifetime and longevity of their products, through excellent parts availability and well maintained sales and service network.

The most important predecessors and acquired brands of Danfoss Power Solutions:

Sundstrand, Sundstrand-Sauer, Sauer Sundstrand, Sauer Danfoss, Sauer Getriebe, Danfoss Fluid Power, Turolla, Comatrol, White Drive Products, etc.

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