Heat exchangers, coolers and fan drive
Heat exchangers, coolers and fan drive

Heat exchangers, coolers and fan drive

One of the most dangerous contamination type in hydraulic systems is heat. Oil loses viscosity on high temperatures meaning even more flow rushes through all orifices, and between surfaces of main components - even on the same pressure levels. On extreme temperatures, O-rings and other sealing elements lose their life expectancy significantly, increasing the risk of leaks. Hydrodynamic bearings start to wear due to the low viscosity of oil they are not designed for. The increased power losses in the system mean even more heat generated until a catastrophic failure occurs.
All hydraulic systems need certain measures to maintain its fluid temperatures, maintain their efficiency and the life expectancy of its components. Running cooler fans or pumps for auxiliary cooling circuits need additional power, so the matter of cooling needs to be carefully designed and components to be selected for the application in question. We serve our Customers with engineering advice, quality heat exchangers and state of the art fan drive subsystems and controls to fulfill all the needs in hydraulic cooling.

Besides the cooling of hydraulic fluids, we can supply your needs in other areas as well, as we carry heat exchangers for other fluid types such as water or emulsions as well.

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