Danfoss RDM axial piston hydromotors

For hydraulic fan drive applications

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Danfoss RDM axial piston motors were developed based on the Danfoss Frame K/L axial piston motor family. Danfoss RDM is a specific fan drive hydraulic motor family for the needs of modern, advanced fan drive applications. Compared to K/L, RDM motors have strengthened roller bearings, so the fan can be mount directly onto the shaft. Thanks to the cartridge mount housing, the motor can be sunk into the hub of the fan blades. This way the installation dimensions are very compact and minimal. The valve system integrated inside the end cap of the motor delivers safety features. De-energized, the control of the motor is at maximum speed, so in case of a loss of control signal, the system cooled by the RDM motor will not overheat. The motor is protected from overpressure and cavitation too. The integrated solenoid valve lets the motor change it's direction of rotation without any external directional valve.

Features, benefits:
- Good serviceability, quick delivery of parts
- Option for CW and CCW rotation
- Cartridge mount: Total length from cooler mount is minimal
- Minimized need for system plumbing
- Forgásirány váltás lehetősége külső útváltó szelep nélkül
- Built-in safety features against pressure spikes, cavitation and loss of control

- Hydraulic driven cooler fans

Danfoss Technical Information

Hydromotor model LM25 LM30 LM35 KM38 KM45
SAE mounting flange cartridge cartridge cartridge cartridge cartridge
25 30 35 38 45
Rated speed
3400 3500 3600 3600 3500
Intermittent speed
3950 4150 4300 4000 3900
Nominal pressure
260 260 260 260 260
Intermittent pressure
350 350 350 350 350
Theoretical torque
0.40 0.48 0.56 0.60 0.72
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