XJ Radial Piston Motor

Modular cam type radial piston motor

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The XJ range offers a truly modular multi-lobe cam motor design with a wide variety of standard options to suit multiple drive systems. Developed from over 25 years of cam motor experience, the XJ cam motor range offers displacements of 376cc to 5010cc/rev.

  • 350 bar continous pressure
  • 450 bar max. pressure
  • 2-speed option
  • Parking brake option
  • 5 displacements per frame size
  • Displacements ranging from 376 to 5010 cc/rev
  • Shaft up vent port option
  • Wheel and Shaft output options
  • Heavy duty dirt excluder

Rotary Power XJ Datasheet

Rotary Power XJ05 Technical information

Rotary Power XJ20 Technical information

Rotary Power XJ40 Technical information

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