Danfoss Series DDC20 Axial Piston Pumps

New Danfoss hydrostatic compact pump family for small machinery

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New Danfoss axial piston pump family for closed circuit use, featuring very compact sizes and light weight.

Size available: 20 cm3/rev.

Rated speed up to 4000 rpm and maximal speed up to 4500 meaning higher flow out of a smaller frame size pump.

Rated pressure: 300 bar

The pump is controlled in a direct, mechanical way through a squared shaft, without servo system. A very direct control is achievable. The weight of the complete pump comes out between 10 and 12 kg, depending on options. This allows a perfect solution for the needs and simplicity of the smallest machines.

Features and options:

- Integral pressure protection (HPRVs)

- Bypass valve (for towing the vehicle)

- Integral charge pump with relief valve

- Optional loop flushing valve (ideal for hydrostatic drives using simple orbital motors)

- Optional Implement pump (max. 70 bar, max. 20 liter/min)

- Optional Auxiliary mounting pad, allowing to build a tandem or additional work function pumps

Application examples:
- Propulsion drives of the smallest mobile machinery in construction-, agricultural-, communal-, etc industries.
- etc.

Danfoss DDC20 Technical Information

Pump modelDDC20
SAE mounting flange A
Capacity (flow) [cm3/rev] 20.0
Theoretical flow on rated speed [l/min] 80
Rated speed [1/min] 4000
Minimum speed [1/min] 500
Nominal pressure [bar] 300
Intermittent pressure [bar] 345
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