Danfoss Series MP1 Axial Piston Pumps

New Danfoss hydrostatic pump family for small to medium sized machinery

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New Danfoss axial piston pump family for closed circuit use, featuring compact sizes, clean sides and light weight.

Sizes available: 28, 32, 38, 45 cm3/rev.

Rated speed up to 3400 rpm and maximal speed up to 4000 meaning higher flow out of a smaller frame size pump.

Rated pressure: 350 bar

Servo control valve options are similar, sometime compatible to the ones on Series H1P pumps, therefore similar control options are available from simple mechanical, to state of the art embedded CAN digital AC control options.

Application examples:
- Propulsion drives of small to medium sized mobile machinery in construction-, agricultural-, communal-, etc fields.
- Any industrial rotating equipment in the power range
- etc.

Danfoss Technical Information

Pump frame size MP1P28 MP1P32 MP1P38 MP1P45
SAE mounting flange B2
Capacity (flow)
28.0 31.8 38.0 45.1
Theoretical flow
on rated speed
96.3 108.1 125.3 149.5
Rated speed
3400 3300
Minimum speed
Nominal pressure
Intermittent pressure

Product Details
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