Danfoss Shhark Low noise Gear Pumps, Group 2

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Features and Benefits

Noise level emissions reduced up to 10 dB(A)

Low noise performance guaranteed throughout the whole life of the pump

Low vibration, flow pulsation reduced by a stunning 78%

Higher volumetric efficiency than a standard gear pump by 2%

Wide range of displacements from 6.18 to 29 cm3/rev

Rated pressure up to 250 bar

Operating speed up to 4000 rpm

SAE, DIN and European standard mounting flanges and shafts

Available with integral relief valve

Interchangeable with all standard gear pumps

Multiple pump configurations, available also with standard gear products such as SNP1, SNP2, SKP2 and SNP3

Compact and lightweight

Helps to meet legal NVH requirements

Innovative solution (Danfoss Patents US 20150330387 (A1) and WO2017064046 (A1)

Ideal for hybrid and full electric machines for which the hydraulic pump is the most important source of noise together with fan drive

Improved time to market due to elimination of end-of-line noise reduction measures

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