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By using genuine Danfoss filter cartridges, you can always make sure you have chosen the right filter for your Danfoss HST units.

In case of a pump repair at Bomas Kft., if the Danfoss unit was brought to our workshop including the filter head, at the end of the repair, we supply you with a new genuine Danfoss filter cartridge.

Installation of Danfoss filter cartridges:

1. Lubricate the filter seal and install a new filter (T150).

2. Use a 24mm wrench to hold plug (T015) in place and install

the replacement filter.

3. Hand tighten the filter till it contacts the O-ring, the tighten it

½ turn to achieve proper installation torque.

Danfoss Technical Information

Danfoss part no.110049171100491811004919
Outer diameter [mm] 97 97 97
Thread 1.375 - 12 UNF - 2B 1.375 - 12 UNF - 2B 1.375 - 12 UNF - 2B
Length [mm] 153 181 239.6
Max. pressure ≥20 bar collapse resistance at max. flow rate (Direction of flow: Input - outer ring; output - inner terminal)
Max. flow rate [l/min] 60 80 105
Retained dirt capacity (at Δp max.) 30g 40g 60g
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