Support bearings for gear pumps & motors

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Bearing Supports

GroupShaftItem No.Reference with sleeveSleeve only splinedPump type
1Cylindrical ∅ 181BCP10BMCP1GR1 Italian shaft and front flange
2Cylindrical ∅ 222BCP20BMCP2GR2 Italian shaft and front flange
21/8 taper3BCP20KBMCP2GR2 Italian shaft and front flange
21/5 taper4BCP5280-German front flange, screwdriver shaft
3Cylindrical ∅ 265BCP3026*BMC3GR3 Italian shaft and front flange
31/8 taper6BCP30K18BMC3GR3 Italian shaft and front flange
3Cylindrical ∅ 45-BCP9G45-

2-hole SAE B front flange and 15-tooth SAE BB splined shaft

* Optional complete kit including weld-on plate + PTO shaft 1"3/8 : BCP3026K1

1rst item: Cylindrical shaft ∅ 18
centring ∅ 50,8 mm

2nd item: Cylindrical shaft ∅ 22
centring ∅ 50,7 mm

3rd item: Taper shaft 1/8 (∅ 17.5)
centring 50,7 mm

4th item: Taper shaft 1/5
centring 80 mm

5th item: Cylindrical shaft ∅ 26 F6
centring 50,7 mm

6th item: Taper shaft 1/8
centring 50,7 mm

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