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Danfoss Editron EC-C1200-... converters are configurable as four ways:
- "Motor control": 750 V DC main line - 500V AC electrical machine conversion and the control of the electrical machine.
- "Active front end": Charging the accumulator pack from a 3-phase powergrid (needs additional LCL filter)
- "Microgrid": Creating an AC powergrid on the machine
- "DC/DC converter": Connetion between different voltage levels (eg. a 24V DC auxiliary system) with the main DC line. An additional inductive unit is needed.

EC-C1200 units can be controlled via CAN-bus, using communication standards CANOpen or J1939. Internal parametering of the unit is done in Codesys language.

One EC-C1200 unit can trasnfer up to 300kW power, with parallel connection of several units a maximum power transfer of 1500kW is achievable.

The converters are light, compact, and have good vibration resistance. The housing is protected to IP67 level.

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More information on the website of Danfoss Power Solutions

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