Danfoss HMK CAN Keypads

LED lit modular keypads

Available to order


Experience a new depth of functionality from your keypads

The HMK and HMKS CAN keypads series combine modern feel and functionality with durable design. The multicolor RGB indicators gives a new dimension of visual feedback as well as modern look to any off-highway machine.

The relegendable button inserts provide machine designers a new level of design flexibility to easily retrofit machine functions or fast service customers in the field by replacing disc inserts on the spot.

The HMK keypads are designed for ergonomic control, increasing operator comfort and productivity. Optional finger guards can be added to the keypads to prevent accidental engagement or to assist with blind operation.

The HMK features robust mechanical, electrical, and Ingress Protection specifications that meet the demands of mobile machine operation. It is suitable for installation in open and enclosed cabs.

The robust design of the HMK CAN keypads meet high standards of mechanical, electrical and ingress protection specifications, including IP66 and IP67, and can be installed in both open and enclosed cabs.

Features and benefits

- Large keypad selection with three lines of buttons

- Relegendable buttons

- Customize legends with the online configurator tool (no minimums, no set up fees)

- RGB LEDs for each button backlight/indicator ring

- Rugged IP66 and IP67 ratings (front and back)

- Optional finger guards to prevent accidental engagement or assist with blind operation

- Optional additional inputs (3) and outputs (6) on certain models

Product Details
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